Welcome to the official website of the Oneness movement in the UK & Ireland.

The Oneness community is growing fast and this website aims to provide information and support to grow your consciousness to full Awakening.

If you are new to the Deeksha phenomenon, please browse these pages to learn more and join us at one of our events to experience Deeksha for yourself. There are Oneness Trainers and Deeksha groups located around the country ready to assist you. For Oneness events and courses in your area click here. It can be a life changing experience! 

If you are already a part of the worldwide Oneness Community, you will find deeper connections here to support your awakening into Oneness and service to humanity. 



What is Oneness?

What is Deeksha?

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Oneness University

Oneness is the ability to experience our natural state of being, which is at one with all that is. As you experience your own sense of peace, joy and unconditional love, you aid the natural healing of our planet and those around you.

Deeksha is a flow of divine, intelligent energy which fuels the awakening process, quiets the excessive mental chatter of the mind and opens our hearts to our natural state of being.

There are Deeksha groups located in many areas of the UK and Ireland. Find the closest one to where you live and join us to experience this life changing energy for yourself.

Learn more about the Oneness University, a sacred spiritual school in India that is a centre for learning and growth and is helping humanity to inner transformation and awakening to higher states of consciousness.


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